Father Heart
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Father Heart

Do you want to grow in your walk with God? Our view of who God is can affect the way we interact with Him. This is called our God Concept. 

"A person's "God Concept" is that combination of images, feelings, and thoughts that forms our understanding of who God is. It is the lens through which one sees God and, fortunately or unfortunately, the lens through which one believes God sees him or her." 

This lens can be broken for many different reasons. The Father Heart of God seminar will help you see God through the right lens.

This will be an all day seminar with snacks and dinner provided (lunch is on your own) The cost is $30. Everyone should register by clicking here and filling out the form. The last day for registering is Tuesday Feb. 26th for everyone.

MSU students must pay at Chi Alpha 755 with a $15 nonrefundable deposit (last day is Feb. 26th). Bozeman Christian Center attendees can pay at the door. We accept cash, card and checks.

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you've already been through Father Heart and would like to be on the ministry team, please follow this link to sign up. No payment is required.

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Chi Alpha 755
7:55 PM19:55

Chi Alpha 755

Join us for Chi755! Chi Alpha 755 is informal, charged with music, given to humor, and deals with everything from relationships to the nature of truth! There is great heartfelt worship, a powerful message, and time for fellowship.

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