Warm Up Monday


We desire to serve the MSU campus without promoting our Chi Alpha name.  Warm Up Your Monday is an amazing opportunity we have as a community to love the students on our campus in the simplest of ways. The purpose for this weekly event is, well, to just hand out free cups of coffee and hot chocolate to students on what typically are some rather cold Mondays. Yeah, that's obvious. But that's the point! There's no hidden agenda to what we do. We are not handing out free drinks to market our campus ministry, or anything for that matter. Instead, as a group we believe that Jesus loved us even when we were opposed to him, and that today he loves each and every student on our campus unconditionally. Our simple act of service is only a reflection of that love.

I make sure that every week we have the supplies and manpower necessary to adequately serve the campus. But the people that really make each Monday work are the volunteers, who sign up to help for roughly one hour blocks of time each Monday. They are the friendly faces people see, and the ones who get to exemplify Jesus’ love by serving free cups of hot cocoa and coffee, just because they want to serve free cups of hot cocoa and coffee.
— Chad Keizer, Warm Up Monday Administrator

Interested in volunteering for Warm Up Monday? 

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There are three main time slots available for volunteers for set up, tear down, and handing out drinks. We realize there are odd hours for class times, so if you have an in-between, please note it in the comments.